Corporate Training is Broken.

LMS systems don’t tell a manager whether their workforce is competent in their role.

It’s often difficult for training managers to get a clear understanding of whether their workforce has actually mastered a skill, even with a “best in class” IT learning system implementation...

The old way: expensive
and time consuming.

... so in an environment where competence really matters, managers turn to the old method of in-person verification.

That means getting everyone in the same place, at the same time, while the instructor verifies competence one by one. That is, assuming there are enough instructors to keep up with the workforce....

Poor quality of education

Even when online learning environment IS appropriate, managers often find that the quality of education is lacking.

That’s because the structure of the training matters. Watching a video and then taking a test skips the multi-modal, metacognitive structure that leads to actual deep learning. The learner passes the test, but they aren’t competent.

It’s time for a better solution that helps your company get way more out of its most important asset: its people.

CrossBraining reimagines training by flipping from last century’s training model to first-of-its-kind, interactive experience where the learner teaches back what they know to the instructor. With CrossBraining, you will:

CREATE engaging courses, optimized for deep learning, where students teach back to you what they know.

INCREASE student completion and retention rates.

SAVE hundreds of hours of your instructors’ time.

SCALE your best instructors and your best content globally, whether you teach in person or fully-remote.

The CrossBraining Difference

Traditional Corporate Training

Expensive travel programs for in-person training
Trainees are unengaged, and seek ways to “game the system” to pass their coursework
Variance in learning environment between instructors
Traditional testing methods like multiple choice tests as a guess at the workforce’s competence
Leverages technology like an LMS system, but learning content fails to facilitate deep learning
One-on-One instruction at scale
Trainees teach back what they know in an engaging environment, proving they can perform a skill
“Scaffolding” and Segmenting: Discrete steps, short videos help learners build on skills
Deeper Learning: Self-assessment, metacognition, and deeper understanding help learners grasp material instead of just regurgitate it.
Multi-Modal Repetition: Students practice skills in all learning modalities by writing, speaking, touching, and seeing their own learning

The CrossBraining Methodology turns your instructors into Ph.D-level educators, by putting the proven highest-density learning methodology in their hands.

One More Thing: Service

You should know that when you sign up for CrossBraining, we’ll be relentless about finding ways to help you succeed.

Our purpose is to make YOU successful in driving an outcome in your training program, and that means a lot more to us than just selling you some software.

We understand the importance of pedagogy in taking complex ideas and making them simple and fun to learn, getting you an awesome product, and having world-class service. We’re committed to your outcomes - not just your contract.