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Increase engagement and give personal feedback, whether you're in a classroom or remote. 



Give learners a way to become masters at their skills.



Finally, assessments that are part of the learning process. Oh, and faster than a bubble sheet.

What Our Partners Say

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There is no better application on the market that will allow your students to demonstrate and explain to you their learning.

Anne Smart
Anne Smart

Education Technology Consultant
Lenawee ISD

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When COVID moved us to online only, we had to come up with innovate ways to ensure our students could not only practice, but demonstrate clinical skills. CrossBraining allowed that to happen.

A photo of Kristin
Dr. Kristin Stockbridge

Program Director
Jackson College

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I teach a project-based engineering course and I ask students to share their design process. With CrossBraining, the video always shines the focus on the story and project!

Gull Lake Community Schools Logo
Matt Hawkins

STEM Teacher
Gull Lake Schools

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CrossBraining has made the students not just do a concept, but also have to explain and understand a concept by writing out their thoughts and videotaping it for me to see they understand.

Melissa Stark

Mathematics Chair
Onsted Public Schools

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My students don't just learn more; they know why and how they learned it when they use Crossbraining to express their knowledge. I haven't been able to achieve these results in any other way.

Rick Cook

Associate Professor
Lansing Community College

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CrossBraining has a vision to allow student to take the lead in their education. They are willing to provide teachers with the necessary tools through professional development to build confidence in the product.

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Ben Learned

Associate Principal
George Long Elementary

Solutions For...



Let us manage the chaos of personalized hands-on learning and spend more time teaching.


Career Tech

Deliver both theory and application in one easy-to-use framework designed for hands-on skills.


Higher Ed

Improve student engagement, satisfaction, and soft skill development, even remotely.



Improve competency, save money on training, and decrease liability.

The CrossBraining Process

CrossBraining's patented process improves skill retention, deeper learning, and 21st century skill development.

Learn more about our pedagogy.



Instructors create a lesson.
video record


CrossBraining guides learners through capturing video of the lesson.


Learners record voiceovers explaining what they've learned.


Instructors get short, authentic videos of student learning.

See what you could do with CrossBraining

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Built For Learning

How We're Different


Everything you need to share lesson content, record video, screen record, manage students, pose reflection questions, and handle student grouping. And all of these features work together to drive deeper learning and engagement.

Built for Engagement

Increase engagement by giving students a way to make videos that show instructors only what they need, reducing anxiety and saving time.

Curriculum Agnostic
CrossBraining works with any curriculum. Simply put your lesson content into our framework, and students know exactly what to do.
Lightweight Tech

CrossBraining works on any device with a camera and internet connection - no server hosting, app installation, or data storage needed. This improves accessibility, reduces tech hiccups, and keeps your IT support happy.

Efficient Feedback
Unlike competitors, CrossBraining videos are segmented - much like a storyboard. This means if a student makes a mistake, they only have to re-record a few seconds instead of the entire video.
Portfolio Builder
Students can use CrossBraining as a portfolio or easily export their videos into another portfolio system.

Case Studies

A High School Patent

High school students get a patent for a robotics mechanism they made with CrossBraining.

Hands-On Skills, Remotely

Dr. Kristin Stockbridge from Jackson College uses CrossBraining to teach hands-on skills remotely.

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