Unlock the learner in everyone.

Bring personalized hands-on learning to scale. 

Everyone should learn in their own way. CrossBraining empowers educators and learners to master skills, assess competency, prove their learning.

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This is CrossBraining

Your EdTech should be built for learning

CrossBraining's video platform guides students through a pedagogy-driven process of creating short, narrated videos of their learning. Want to learn more?

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Why Choose CrossBraining?

Built-In Pedagogy

We built research-backed pedagogy into CrossBraining. If you're familiar with terms like self-assessment, metacognition, and segmenting, then you know how important that is.

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TransFormative Assessment

Do a comprehensive assessment in ~45 seconds - less time than it takes to run a bubble sheet. And our assessments are part of the learning process.

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CrossBraining lets students learn and complete assessments in their own way with their own words. We help you bring personalized learning to scale.

How we are used

Hands-on learning

Remote learning

Project-based learning

Distance education

Labs and simulations

Certification Exams

Skill check-offs

Licensure prep

Flipped classrooms

Competency-based learning

What will your students do?

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