Training for the hybrid world

The scale and cost of eLearning with the one-on-one coaching of classroom instruction.


Scale your training

Get every learner the hands-on training they need.


Save on costs

Train anytime, anywhere. No more scheduling headaches or travel costs.


Coach every learner

Our patented method doesn't leave behind the one-on-one instruction needed for learning.


What we do




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How It Works



Assign a lesson


Trainees are guided step-by-step to create narrated videos

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You get a short video to provide feedback on

Learners teach back their skills

Our proprietary training platform will revolutionize how you train your staff and customers by having them teach back the skills they are supposed to know.

Because we all know: the best way to learn is to teach.

Hands-On Training, Anytime, Anywhere

We give you a way to do hands-on training anywhere, anytime. No more scheduling hassle and travel costs. With CrossBraining, we let you train hands-on skills as if you were standing right there.

Proof of Skills

Stop assuming that your employees are competent. With CrossBraining, learners create a narrated video of their learning, so you get 100%, unmistakable, unfakeable proof of their skills.

High-Risk Training

CrossBraining is for when competence is a matter of life and death. People on oil rigs, in surgery rooms, and in front of dangerous machinery use CrossBraining to ensure that safety and procedure is followed to the letter.

Employee Onboarding

Get employees producing faster and more effectively with learning science. We've spent decades teaching hands-on skills to students, so our platform is chock full of research pedagogy to make learning as fast and authentic as possible.

Quality Assurance

Want to know if someone truly understands how their work affects quality? Ask them to teach it to you. With CrossBraining's patented video process, you get a comprehensive picture of a trainee's skills, from how they hold tools to if they follow proper safety protocol. You can correct even the slightest mistakes.

Regulatory Compliance

Document learning with video of trainees performing the skills they are supposed to know. Whether it's FDA, OSHA, or DOT, CrossBraining fits into any training suite.

What Our Partners Say

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There is no better application on the market that will allow your students to demonstrate and explain to you their learning.

Ann Smart
Ann Smart

Education Technology Consultant
Lenawee ISD

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When COVID moved us to online only, we had to come up with innovate ways to ensure our students could not only practice, but demonstrate clinical skills. CrossBraining allowed that to happen.

A photo of Kristin
Dr. Kristin Stockbridge

Program Director
Jackson College

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I teach a project-based engineering course and I ask students to share their design process. With CrossBraining, the video always shines the focus on the story and project!

Gull Lake Community Schools Logo
Matt Hawkins

STEM Teacher
Gull Lake Schools

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CrossBraining has made the students not just do a concept, but also have to explain and understand a concept by writing out their thoughts and videotaping it for me to see they understand.

Melissa Stark

Mathematics Chair
Onsted Public Schools

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My students don't just learn more; they know why and how they learned it when they use CrossBraining to express their knowledge. I haven't been able to achieve these results in any other way.

Rick Cook

Associate Professor
Lansing Community College

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CrossBraining has a vision to allow student to take the lead in their education. They are willing to provide teachers with the necessary tools through professional development to build confidence in the product.

unnamed (1)
Ben Learned

Associate Principal
George Long Elementary

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