CrossBraining is reimagining online learning and corporate training.

CrossBraining isn’t another system for boring, half-structured learning content like you might find in your LMS system. It’s the antidote: the proven highest-density method for learning efficiently, when you need to know that your workforce knows their stuff.

In addition to hard skills training, companies are using CrossBraining for sales enablement, K-12 education, starting a Boeing 777, and hundreds of other environments where competence matters.

CrossBraining is co-founded by Josh Nichols, an educator who built a project-based learning school and taught high school robotics, by Dr. Jim Kelly, an education expert, school principal, and curriculum & tech director, and by Rebecca Colmer, a serial entrepreneur and author. Brian McGuiness, an experienced software company operator, joined in 2023.

Having said all that, CrossBraining isn’t about us, it’s about you. And, you should know that we’ll be relentless about helping you. We understand the importance of pedagogy in taking complex ideas and making them simple and fun to learn, getting you an awesome product, and having maniacal, amazing service.
Josh giving a demo in CrossBraining's early days

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