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Leverage your best trainers

CrossBraining Staff

Think back to your teachers in elementary schools. There's probably one or two that stick out, right? Your training is probably the same way - you probably have one or two stellar trainers that you wish could train every employee. But with only so many hours in the day, they can only train so many.

But what if those stellar trainers could reach more employees? It’s possible with technology, but it takes some rethinking of what training is. For example, training doesn’t have to only occur during specific, one-hour Zoom sessions. It can happen in small, bite-sized lessons spaced throughout the day (in fact, that may be more effective than longer Zoom sessions). Or it can happen during downtime.

You can also have your stellar trainers teach other trainers. This “train the trainer” model is wildly popular, but has its limits. It can be hard to teach passion and pedagogy, and many stellar trainers don’t really know why they are so skilled at teaching. To them it just happens.

When it come to technology, look for tools that have learning science built in, reduce administrative burden, and allow for "over the shoulder" coaching. For example, our platform uses video to capture trainees' skills so that trainers can provide feedback as if they were standing over their shoulder. Good tools mean that trainers spend more time teaching and less time wrestling with technology.

But by rethinking what training is and involving technology, you can increase the bandwidth of your best instructors.