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Is your training leaving people behind?

CrossBraining Staff

Think back to the last time you learned something on your own. How did you do it? Did you read a book? Watch a YouTube video? Just dive right in? Chances are, you didn't do a multiple choice test, print off a certificate, and call it good. With all the different ways of learning, why do companies train using one of the least preferred learning methods?

When companies use only one method of learning, they are leaving a majority of their employees behind. As humans, we all have our preferred ways of learning. For most people, today's eLearning methods are not at the top of that list. The human brain tends to prefer something more interactive and engaging.

Further, learning science shows that when we learn something using multiple methods (such as by reading, writing, and hearing), we are more likely to retain the information. One basic framework for this is our 5 senses - you know you're off to a good start if a training can genuinely activate 3 of them.

An even better approach is to allow trainees to choose how they want to learn. This needs to be reinforced with other methods (remember, the more the better), but trainees should be allowed to choose how they are first exposed to a new skill or information. This not only serves their individual learning preferences better, it gives them ownership of their learning, which we all know significantly improves outcomes.