Training for the Hybrid World

CrossBraining combines the scale of eLearning with the one-on-one coaching of classroom instruction. Save time and drive better outcomes in your training program with the gold standard learning environment, whether you train in person or fully remote.

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LMS systems were never designed to run an effective training program
in a hands-on environment. With CrossBraining, you can scale your training,
save on costs, and coach every learner.


1-on-few instruction
Can do hands-on


"Play and pray" instruction
Can't do hands-on


1-on-1 instruction
Built for hands-on

“When COVID moved us online, we had to come up with innovative ways to demonstrate clinical skills. CrossBraining allowed that to happen.”

Dr. Kristen Stockbridge

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“There is no better application on the market that will allow your students to demonstrate and explain to you their learning.

Ann Smart

EdTech Consultant

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