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Video Tutorials

This list of videos has everything you need to know about how to use CrossBraining

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Are videos limited to 45 seconds?

In short, no. There is nothing that stops students from going over 45 seconds. The platform only has a countdown timer that starts at 45 seconds to let students know how long their video is, but it is a "soft limit" - it just turns red once students go over 45 seconds. 

That said, there is a purpose behind our short videos. The first is that teachers don't have time to watch long videos. The second is that it forces students into a metacognitive process of trying to be concise with the material. The third is that shorter videos are easier on bandwidth, which helps for students that may have connectivity challenges.

Do you sell any data?


Do you offer pilots?

Yes! Contact for details on our pilot program.

How is data secured?

CrossBraining is hosted in the United States via Amazon Web Services with all of the cybersecurity features that come with AWS. 

Does CrossBraining provide lesson content?

No. Our customers are the subject-matter experts, so we leave any content to them. That said, we are happy to help bring any of your content into the platform for you to use.

What are the tech requirements for CrossBraining?

CrossBraining only requires a camera and a device with an internet connection. Most students use their smartphones or laptop webcams (although we also support off-device cameras like GoPro's). We recommend Chrome on all devices except iOS devices, in which case we recommend Safari.

Additionally, there is no need to install, host, or download anything. CrossBraining is a webapp, so students and teachers only need to go to to access the entire platform.