Hands on learning
for the digital age

Teach hands-on skills, improve student engagement, and bring
distance learning closer to the classroom.


Assess like you're there

Get an unmatched, comprehensive picture of students' skills with our patented process.


Practice Framework

Give students a way to practice and assess their own skills so they are prepared when they get to labs.


Hands On, Remotely

Bring engaging, hands-on experiences to your students, no matter where they are.

magnifying glass

Academic Integrity

Reduce the shenanigans of distance learning by putting students on camera to prove their skills. 


CrossBraining is eligible for CARES Act funding. Our team of experts can help, just let us know.

Our Partners Are Innovators

See what you able to do remotely when empowered by CrossBraining

How Does It Work?

CrossBraining's unique feature set brings the classroom to the student.

Video Learning and Assessment
Video gives you a complete picture of a student's skills. From how they hold a tool, to whether they follow safety procedures, to a multi-angle view of the results. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?
A Guided Process
CrossBraining guides students through the process so they know exactly what is expected of them. No more handholding or answering tech questions. You can focus on teaching.
True Engagement

By filming, narrating, and reflecting on their learning, students actively engage with the lesson in multiple ways. Gone are the days of responding to forum posts.

Academic Safeguards
Video is very hard to fake and copy, so you know that students are adhering to the academic code of conduct.

Case Study

Dr. Kristin Spencer adopted CrossBraining in her class after COVID-induced lock downs. Check out her white paper on how it improved student skills, increased student engagement, and built more confident learners.

Kristin Webinar