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Why CrossBraining?

CrossBraining has pedagogy built in. Here's how.

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Not just videos. Videos with pedagogy.

When we built CrossBraining, we didn't want to just give educators another tool. We wanted to help them reinvent education. Here are the things we built into the platform:

Scaffolding and segmenting
Metacognition and deeper learning
21st-Century Skills
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Why Videos?

Videos are a perfect tool for learning. With videos, students,

  • Get excellent feedback from teachers.
  • Focus on the skill.
  • Self-assess (more on this later).
  • Build a skill portfolio to show to employers.

The power of narration

CrossBraining has students do their narration separate from their video. This has several benefits:

  • Students self-assess as they narrate their videos.
  • By writing out their narration, students think about what they are going to say (metacognition).
  • Bi-modal repetition of both writing and speaking improves learning.
  • No need to worry about a loud classroom or juggling dangerous equipment while trying to record.
  • Students practice 21st-century skills like communication.
Welding Narration

Why 45 seconds?

You can adjust the time limit to whatever you want with CrossBraining, but research shows that shorter videos are better for learning. There are other benefits, too:

  • Students think about what they are going to record and narrate in order to fit in the time limit (metacognition).
  • Teachers save time - assessment takes less than a minute per student or group.
  • Students learn to be concise and clearly communicate their learning (21st century skills).


When students own their learning

One thing that our new users report is how quickly students start self-assessing with CrossBraining. When students see themselves on video, they can see all of the mistakes they make. This means that students teach themselves.

For example, this medical student noticed that she puts her thumb on the stethoscope. Try figuring that out from a multiple choice test.


Driving deeper learning

Like much of CrossBraining's pedagogy, reflection is not new. We make sure every student does it by letting you pose questions. Just another way CrossBraining drives deeper learning.

welding questions
Welding Steps

Scaffolding and Segmenting

CrossBraining's steps are designed around the concept of scaffolding and segmenting. Most educators are familiar with this - it's the idea of breaking up skills into discreet tasks, and it's been shown to improve deeper learning and understanding. Importantly, CrossBraining doesn't tell you what the steps should be - we just give you the template to create them.

What we don't do is just as important

CrossBraining's video editing features are purposefully limited to only trimming (changing the start and stop point of a video). When our founder used other video platforms in his class, he found that a lot of students had tech-aversion to a large feature set while others felt pressured to make a "fancy" video to get a better grade. We'd rather students put their creative energy into their learning.

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