Built-in Pedagogy

CrossBraining was built from the ground up for hands-on, experiential learning

Personalized, Experiential Learning


Multi-Modal Repetition

Students practice skills in all learning modalities by writing, speaking, touching, and seeing their own learning.


Scaffolding and Focus

Discrete steps, separate video and voiceover, and short videos help students build on skills while staying laser-focused on learning.

Deeper Learning

Self-assessment, metacognition, and deeper understanding help students truly grasp the material instead of just regurgitate it.

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All the ways we've built learning in

The Power of Narration

With our patented narration process, students:

  • self-assess their videos, correcting mistakes and improving skill retention.
  • write out their narration before speaking it, engaging in multi-modal repetition.
  • practice 21st-Century skills like communication and conciseness.
  • focus on one thing at a time, which improves learning and gets you better video and audio quality (and don't have to worry about noisy environments).


Video is Fast and Authentic

Videos are the perfect tool for learning. With our videos, educators get:

  • a comprehensive picture of a student's skills.
  • a way to provide better feedback.
  • faster assessments (our videos are faster than a bubble sheet).

And students get:

  • better feedback from instructors.
  • a way to practice hands-on skills outside of the lab.
  • a video skills portfolio to show to employers.

Don't believe us? Check out this welding video. Spot any mistakes?

Scaffolding and Segmenting

Our lessons creator lets instructors segment each lesson into clear steps. This provides several benefits:

  • scaffolding skills in this way is shown to improve skill retention.
  • students know exactly what is expected of them, allowing them to focus on learning.
  • skills are easily built upon, allowing a student to learn more advanced skills faster.

Welding Steps


Focused Features

What we don't do is just as important. CrossBraining keeps things focused on learning by limiting manual video editing features to trimming only (changing the start and stop time of clips). No filters, fancy stickers, or colors that distract from learning. Don't worry, all the other video editing happens automatically behind the scenes - no other app is needed.

Reflection Questions

Educators know the importance of reflection in learners. CrossBraining's built-in reflection questions improve deeper learning and understanding.

reflection questions


Short Videos

CrossBraining asks students to create short videos (generally around 45 seconds). This forces them into a metacognitive process to think about what they are going to show and say. Plus, it saves instructors time in assessing by preventing students from making documentaries.

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