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In 2015, Josh Nichols knew that he needed something different in his classroom - something that unlocked the potential of every student and allowed them to flourish. After using a Frankenstein's monster of apps, he decided to create his own, and CrossBraining was born.

Founded in 2017, CrossBraining empowers educators to bring personalized learning to scale. 

CrossBraining is based in Ann Arbor, MI.

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Meet the team

CrossBraining has a staff of veteran educators.

Josh Nichols
Josh Nichols

Founder and CEO

20-Year STEM Teacher

Rebecca Colmer
Rebecca Colmer


Serial Entrepreneur

Rusty Martin
Rusty Martin


Founder, Ann Arbor Machine Learning Meet Up

Kezia Wineberg

Senior Developer

Code & Design Nerd

Craig S. Rehmann

Customer Representative

14-Year 5th & 6th Grade Teacher

Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly, Ed.D.


Educator & Administrator

Mike O'Connor
Mike O'Connor


Technologist since birth

Tracy Tanner
Tracy Tanner

Business Development

Perpetual Student

Dr. Kristin Spencer

Content Advisor, Health Sciences