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By CrossBraining Staff on October 14, 2021

Your training is ineffective, and you (probably) know it

Your training probably isn’t working. 70% of employees say they don’t have the mastery needed to do their jobs1. What’s more, you probably know that your training isn’t working, because according to McKinsey only 25% managers think that training measurably improves performance2.

Angry mature student working with computer in computer classWe know quite a bit about how humans learn, and many education institutions are beginning to adopt some of this science. But the private sector has been slower, despite considering itself more forward-thinking than the public sector. 

Does this sound painfully familiar?

  • Mandatory videos where learners press play and then go do their work
  • Guessing on multiple choice questions
  • Stand-and-deliver lecture training
  • Over-produced three ring binders that just sit on the shelf

According to Training Magazine, $87.6 billion was spent on training in the US in 2018. So if only 25% of managers think that training measurably improves performance, that suggests up to $65.7 billion is wasted every year on training that businesses know doesn’t work.

Training doesn’t need to be expensive or wasteful. But it does need to be modernized. Learning science and technology can help. Check out our other blog posts for science-backed ways to improve your training, and subscribe below for more.




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Published by CrossBraining Staff October 14, 2021
CrossBraining Staff