Dr. Kristin Stockbridge
By Dr. Kristin Stockbridge on January 28, 2021

Weathering the COVID Storm

You’ve got your semester planned out and labs ready to go. Students are registered and looking forward to getting into labs and getting that hands-on experience, when overnight, you are told that all classes have to be put online... and your heart stops. Students need to be able to perform skills and as an instructor, you need to be able to effectively assess their progress. Labs cannot be taught online.

As Health Science educators know, one of the most important pieces in the students’ learning is the opportunity to perform hands on skills in the lab or clinical setting. Many health science programs include both lecture and labs where students can learn and be assessed on psychomotor skills prior to working with actual patients. With COVID-19, many educators and program directors were required to place part, if not all, of their programs online. This of course can be done fairly easily with the didactic material, but how can students obtain the necessary psychomotor skills to ensure they are prepared for their on-site clinical experience to safely care for patients?

CrossBraining provides a tool in which students can not only practice their skill and utilize self-evaluation, but allows for the instructor to evaluate the student remotely from the safety of their home. This is not only an educational tool, but a solution to teaching and assessing students in a remote learning environment.

Here’s what CrossBraining can do for you and your students:

  • Provide students the ability to perform skills and then view the results while self-assessing
  • If corrections are needed, students have the option to change only the sections that require it
  • Students narrate the skill separately, providing for quiet reflection and increased understanding
  • Instructors view the finished product and can assess the students’ skills without the need for being in the lab
  • Instructors can include Reflection questions to require students to dive deeper into the content, increasing critical thinking skills

Although there are invasive skills that cannot be completed remotely, you will find that the majority of the lab requirements of your program can be completed entirely online via CrossBraining. Stay tuned for specifics on how CrossBraining can work in various Health Science Programs.

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Published by Dr. Kristin Stockbridge January 28, 2021
Dr. Kristin Stockbridge