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By CrossBraining Staff on April 21, 2022

Training using video games? Good enough for F1.

Video games are one of the largest media entertainment products in the world right now. But what if video games were used as a training tool? That's exactly what James Baldwin did with F1 racing games, and now he drives F1 professionally.

Mechanic reparing car while consulting futuristic interface

James never thought he'd have a shot at professional racing, until one day when he found a racing simulator rig for his PC. He started off playing F1 simulation games casually, but after becoming one of the best racers in the game, he began to play competitively.

After winning multiple cash prize tournaments around the world, James was given the chance to race in a real life F1 race. In 2019 he competed for Jenson Team Rocket in the British GT Championship. He made headlines when he won his debut race and went on to take 4th place overall in the event.

Do not ignore simulations and games for your training. They have become increasingly popular over the past decade, in part because of the recent increase in graphics and realism. These are games like Auto Repair Simulator, Flight Simulator (that uses real map data and ultra-realistic cockpit instrumentation), Truck Driving Simulator, and in Baldwin's case, Gear.Club Unlimited. As these simulation games become more real, the lines between gaming and training is becoming harder to see. 

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Published by CrossBraining Staff April 21, 2022
CrossBraining Staff