Dr. Kristin Stockbridge
By Dr. Kristin Stockbridge on March 12, 2021

The Digital Portfolio

Many Health Science educators have found the benefit of having their students create a portfolio of their work. These portfolios generally include certifications, skills checklists, documentation of skills performed during labs, and other items demonstrating what they have learned in their program. In addition, some may require students to create a LinkedIn page to assist with their search for employment in the field. With CrossBraining, students can take this to another level by showing themselves in action and demonstrating actual performance of these skills.

Although there is a growing need across the board for allied health and nursing positions, employers are often leery of hiring someone fresh out of college. Further, employers are regularly receiving “cookie cutter” resumes that are closer to a curriculum than a student's actual skills. This doesn’t help the hiring manager find the best candidate. When viewing resumes, employers can easily see the skills the applicant has learned, but they have no way of knowing their performance level and whether they should take the chance of hiring a new grad with limited experience. So, what can students do to set themselves apart from the other applicants and show potential employers that they are ready to be an effective health care employee? This is where CrossBraining comes in.

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CrossBraining provides potential employers with the ability to view students in action. With videos 45 seconds or less, employers won’t be inundated with long videos they may not even take the time to watch. When students create their CrossBraining videos, they can do so as an educational tool where they are not just demonstrating a skill, but also narrating how and why it is performed, as if they were teaching to others. Because their narration is done after their video recording, they are able to focus and ensure their finished video is both concise and professional.

CrossBraining can be embedded into platforms such as LinkedIn (or students may choose to upload their videos to YouTube or a similar format). With so many employers now utilizing an online application process, graduates can also upload links to their CrossBraining video directly into the application, which will provide the employer with a tangible demonstration of skills.

With CrossBraining, employers can see exactly what separates your students from the rest, and in turn, provide your students with an advantage to securing a position in their field.

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Published by Dr. Kristin Stockbridge March 12, 2021
Dr. Kristin Stockbridge