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By CrossBraining Staff on July 07, 2022

Stop "play and pray" training

Tell me if you’ve been here: you submit something to your boss, and they tell you that you did it wrong. But you’ve been doing it that way for years. You probably felt frustrated, embarrassed, maybe even a little betrayed. If only you had gotten that feedback earlier, you would have done it right. But you didn’t get that feedback. 

Closeup portrait of sad, funny looking young woman, praying, dreaming, thinking, wishing, hoping, asking, begs for best in life isolated blue background. Emotion, facial expression, feelings, attitudeThe same thing happens in training. Too often after a training, attendees go back to their jobs and hope that they’re properly implementing the training - it’s hard to get feedback from a pre-recorded video, after all. 

We call this method “play and pray”. It’s where you press the play button, watch a video, and then pray that the training sticks. And without feedback, how will you even know?

This might work for some training (although we here at CrossBraining would ask why companies even do training that they don’t care enough to follow up on), but it certainly doesn’t work for high-stakes skills. Would you want your doctor to have been trained on your new spinal implant via a YouTube video? 

So let’s put an end to “play and pray”. Employees deserve feedback on their skills, and employers need to give it if they want their training to stick.

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Published by CrossBraining Staff July 7, 2022
CrossBraining Staff