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By CrossBraining Staff on November 22, 2021

Pull - don't push - with your training

Think of the last time you wanted to learn a skill. How did you do it? You probably sought out information, spent your free time learning, and found ways to practice. In other words, you pulled the knowledge to you. Contrast that with your most recent training experience. Did someone push knowledge onto you, perhaps with a lecture or PowerPoint? Learning science says one of these approaches is much more effective than the other.

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When humans seek knowledge, we are much more likely to retain and truly understand it if it is relevant and we are engaged. This is what makes pulled learning so powerful - we want to learn.

So how do you make your training pull instead of push?

The first method is by relevance. Make it clear how training improves both individual performance and the end product. It’s important to speak to both the selfish (individual performance) and team-based motivations (the end result).

Second, ditch the lectures and PowerPoints. This is difficult, but well worth the effort. All training should be hands-on and experiential. This can be done with technology, AR, or even roleplaying.

Third, make your training on-demand. This means that an employee can access training as soon as they realize they need it. Microlearning can help with this, because the learnings are small, quick, and relevant to exactly what the trainee needs at that moment.

By harnessing the power of learning science, you can turn your training into a competitive advantage.

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Published by CrossBraining Staff November 22, 2021
CrossBraining Staff