Dr. Kristin Stockbridge
By Dr. Kristin Stockbridge on June 15, 2021

Overcoming Barriers in Simulation Labs

Colleges and Universities across the nation have seen the benefits of simulation in health education. When we think of Simulation Labs, it’s important to remember that simulation can take on many different forms: standardized patients, low and high-fidelity simulation models, homemade simulation models, and even simple roleplaying. Although some programs have the funding to invest in state-of-the-art labs, others may need to start small by getting creative.

For example, pigs feet are a great way to learn how to place or remove sutures or staples. When learning about wounds, a good make-up artist (perhaps from the cosmetology department!) can create some phenomenal moulage. And many are already familiar with practicing injections on fruit. One of our most innovative partners uses drama students as simulation patients to teach patient/provider interactions!


In addition to the costs associated with actual simulators, assessment equipment can be quite costly. Programs may want to purchase recording and video equipment, not to mention hiring someone to perform the recordings and uploading them to a platform for the instructor to view. And then there is troubleshooting the equipment when something goes wrong, video storage fees, account control, etc. etc.

CrossBraining can remove those barriers. With CrossBraining, students record video from their smartphone, laptop, or even a GoPro - no expensive cameras needed. With voice over narration, students self-assess before the instructor even views the finished video, which saves the instructor time and improves learning. This also means there is no need to hire someone to run video and recording equipment. Not to mention, scheduling time in the Sim Lab will be much easier.

Paramedic demonstrating life function check on infant dummySim Labs can prove time consuming and financially challenging, but CrossBraining removes some of these barriers. Instructors can spend less time worrying about admin and more time on ensuring student mastery.

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Published by Dr. Kristin Stockbridge June 15, 2021
Dr. Kristin Stockbridge