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By CrossBraining Staff on March 24, 2021

How do I make my lessons and projects more engaging?

We don’t need to tell you that student engagement is important. But we can share some research-backed best practices on how to make lessons and projects more engaging.

Turn lessons into challenges

Remember how motivated you were last time you were challenged? Unleash that by turning lessons into challenge. By engaging students with a challenge, they connect with their learning at a deeper level. You can make nearly any lesson into a challenge. For example:

Studies show that this type of gamification can help improve learning.

Let go

An engaged student may go off in a direction that you’re not familiar with. A lesson on chemical and physical reactions might veer into a student looking into diet coke and mentos and you might not even know what nucleation is (it’s not in the Next Generation Science Standards!)

And that’s OK.

An engaged student doesn’t need a teacher to answer their questions, they need a teacher to guide them to the answers to their questions. Don’t be afraid of not knowing. Instead, challenge the student to find the information themselves, but provide assistance on which resources they should use. This helps students build critical thinking and problem solving skills for the next time they encounter something they don’t know.

Let artists flourish

When a student wants to paint a robot or do their book report in different colors, it often doesn’t look like learning. However, these types of artistic flourishes are often metacognitive processes that have been shown to improve learning.

Here are other ways to help engage more design-focused students:

  • Have them create an instructional video, complete with graphics and voiceovers.
  • Challenge them to create a play or story about the lesson.
  • Partner them with students who don’t have artistic flair so that they can learn from each other and build 21st century skills like teamwork and collaboration.
Those are just some ways to make lessons more engaging. Stay tuned for more!

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Published by CrossBraining Staff March 24, 2021
CrossBraining Staff