Training as modern as your device

Video-based training that reduces errors, grows revenues, and ensures compliance


Train at Scale

Rapidly expand your training bandwidth for your new product launch.


Reduce Costs

Reduce travel costs with learning anytime, anywhere.


Document Learning

Get video proof of learning for regulatory or training purposes.

How we help

FDA Part 820 and ISO 14971, 13485

CrossBraining is a modern way to train employees on how their work affects quality. Our patented hands-on process has employees record voiceovers describing how what they do contributes to patient outcomes.

Reduce CAPA's

Retrain employees, suppliers, and distributors when needed by having them provide video evidence that they know what they are doing.

Our step-by-step process makes it easy to learn, provide feedback, and correct mistakes.

Rapidly scale up training

Our asynchronous learning process can be done anywhere, anytime. This means less travel, less downtime, and more efficient trainers. 

End-user training

We ask learners to record themselves using their devices. This not only improves learning but allows you to provide precise, relevant feedback to ensure that every end-user is properly using your device.


From FDA compliance to launching new products

CrossBraining's interactive training system turns your training into a competitive advantage. Here's how we do it.

  • Video proof of training goes beyond just certificates and checkboxes.

  • Our built-in learning science gets trainees to competency faster and more effectively than webinars and 3-ring binders.

  • Train on ISO and FDA standards in a hands-on, interactive way.


How much does CrossBraining cost?

From end-users to rapid onboarding, we work with every business to address their unique training needs. We'll create a custom proposal that fits your budget and achieves your training goals.

You can schedule a meeting with us by clicking here.

What are the tech requirements?

While most of our customers use their smartphones, the only requirement to use CrossBraining is a camera and internet connection.

CrossBraining has no storage requirements, specialized hardware, hosting requirements, or maintenance fees. Additionally, CrossBraining is a webapp and so does not require downloading or installing any software - the entire platform is accessible from

Can I use my own lessons and material?

Yes. In fact, we don't provide any lesson content. You are the subject-matter expert. We simply give you a great tool to deliver your content. We'll even help you put your content into the platform, saving you time and effort and getting you up and running faster.

Paramedic demonstrating life function check on infant dummy


Want to learn more?

We'd love to show you have CrossBraining can revolutionize your training.