• Create simple or complex hands-on lessons
  • Access & use community-sourced lessons
  • Manage classes efficiently
  • Foster collaboration with accountability
  • Record and narrate video
  • Add an optional soundtrack
  • Edit video in a streamlined process
  • Monitor both individual and group progress
  • Share lessons with other teachers and administrators in the community

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Why CrossBraining

Educational leaders are increasingly realizing that material is better retained when it resonates with students in a way that speaks to their real-life experiences, and engages their perspective and input.

Because of this, teachers need an assessment tool that reaches beyond written comprehension—one that incorporates tactile, visual, and auditory experiences as well.

Through recording, narrating, and reflecting on their learning journey, students can reveal the depth of their understanding of key terms and concepts, while allowing teachers to better manage and ensure proficiency.

How it works

With separate Teacher and Student views, CrossBraining provides seamless and comprehensive functionality for all users.

Teachers can create a new lesson and enter goals for each step of an assignment within minutes. When distributing the assignment to a class, teachers can assign students to groups, as well as delegate specific tasks to individuals within each group.

Lessons are broken down into several steps, with descriptions and reflection questions for each phase. Students utilize cameras, screen recording, or any other source of video to capture, demonstrate, and track their learning process.

With CrossBraining's streamlined video editing functionality, students can compile their final 45-second video while remaining focused on the lesson.

Teachers can quickly gauge and monitor students’ status at any point, so that they may step in to assist as needed.

In the classroom

CrossBraining’s digital storytelling platform bridges learning skills across subjects and disciplines, enabling students to focus on competency, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity while simultaneously building confidence.

For those who struggle with traditional testing, our app allows them to learn from the assessment process. Students are able to capture, narrate and reflect on their learning target as many times as needed, further strengthening both confidence and proficiency.

With the incorporation of Computer Science curricula and new technologies into many educational settings, traditional testing often falls short in assessing assignments and learning targets. CrossBraining is flexible enough to adapt to any technology or project, providing a unique solution to this problem.

At home

With free access to a community-generated online library of lessons, CrossBraining is also for parents who want to support learning at home. Find out more on our Lessons site.