CrossBraining for K-12

Manage the chaos. Empower learners.

Teach Like You've Always Dreamed

Make assessments part of the learning process

Unleash Every Learner

CrossBraining empowers students to take ownership of their education, improving engagement and deeper learning.

21st Century Skills

Grit, confidence, teamwork, and critical thinking are built into CrossBraining.

Less Admin

CrossBraining guides students through the process so that you spend less time on admin and more time teaching.

Built for Learning

All The Features You Need

  • Rich Lesson Creator
  • Easy Voiceover Narration
  • Student Groups
  • Status Monitoring
  • Automated Video Editing
  • Co-Teaching

How It Works

1. Create a Lesson

With our simple, streamlined lesson creator, you create lessons with scaffolded steps that clearly tell students what is expected of them.

2. Students Record Video of Each Step

Using any device with a camera, students record video of their learning journey. CrossBraining guides them through this process so that you don't have to do any handholding.

3. Students Record Voiceovers

CrossBraining has students type out and record voiceover narration separately from the video. This is multi-modal repetition (writing, reading, and watching) that is shown to improve skill retention.

Further, recording narration separately keeps students focused and allows them to self-assess their skills, which is shown to improve learning.

Last, by letting students use their own words, they truly own their learning.

4. Automated Video Editing

CrossBraining automatically creates a completed video of a student's learning and narration. You don't have to do a thing.

5. A Short, Comprehensive Assessment

CrossBraining's process results in a short (~45 second) video of a student's learning. That's a more comprehensive assessment that's faster than a bubble sheet.

See what your students could do

Build a Helmet

Dot Day Reading Project

Wind Turbine

Electric Guitars

Autonomous Cars

Rocket Science


Ready to do this?

We'd love to show you how CrossBraining can transform your classroom.