Learn. Capture. Share.

CrossBraining is a unique video assessment platform that enables students to capture, narrate, and reflect on their learning process.

Empower all learning styles

CrossBraining fosters student accountability in a fun and engaging manner, and equips teachers with tools to measure proficiency in a way that supports a broad spectrum of learning styles and experiences.


This is CrossBraining

Founded by veteran educators, CrossBraining is passionate about both teachers and students. Our goal is to provide leading-edge technology that meets and exceeds the needs of education equity to promote all students’ learning, achievements, and performance through a unique experiential learning solution.

Intuitive, versatile, and entirely cloud-based, it’s the most accessible learning and assessment solution for you and your classroom, no matter where you are.

Built for Teachers

  • Create a new course and add students within minutes
  • Easily spin up a new lesson, complete with steps and reflection questions
  • Split students into groups, or have them individually complete an assignment
  • Delegate specific tasks within groups, or have students self-assign
  • Display vocabulary comprehension in a visual manner
  • Support regional languages and idiomatic learning
  • Track progress and assess performance of both individuals and groups
  • Seamlessly manage assignments from start to finish
  • Access and contribute to shared learning resources across user communities
  • Showcase alignment to curriculum and standards, confirming proficiencies and key milestones

Tailored for Students

  • Gain deep, authentic understanding of key concepts
  • Capture, demonstrate, and track the learning journey through 45-sec video storytelling
  • Build confidence and mastery through a hands-on approach

Values we stand by

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Support all learning

CrossBraining's platform is curriculum agnostic and compatible with any lesson, simple or complex.

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Simplify video-editing

Students are empowered to create, communicate, and think critically via a streamlined editing process and a comprehensive feature set.

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Foster accountability

Every student is given meaningful responsibility for their work.

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Build community

Collaborate and share lessons and resources among classmates, parents, other teachers, administrators, and the community.

Learning is an adventure

CrossBraining brings real-life concepts to the classroom, and empowers students who have an array of learning styles and needs.

With our intuitive and engaging platform, any lesson results in deep, authentic understanding of the curriculum or material. Students gain key success skills through a hands-on approach that emphasizes the direct application of knowledge and subject-matter competency.

While every student learns differently, studies have proven that all students perform better when they learn by doing. By putting together a 45-sec video, complete with narration and individual steps, students more accurately capture their learning process and demonstrate comprehension.

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What users are saying

"We use @crossbraining in the #glmsinnovation lab to make awesome videos. The app helps students organize and tell their story from beginning to end, so that we can see more of the process in their project."

– Matt B. Hawkins, 6/7/8 Educator at Project Lead The Way (PLTW)