CrossBraining for Industry

Turn your training into a competitive advantage.


Cost-Effective Training

Reduce training expenses by unlocking learning anytime, anywhere.


Proof of Learning

Get unmistakable video proof of skill and learning for regulatory or training purposes.


Training at Scale

Close the skill gap by training faster and more effectively with our patent learning process.

How It Works

1. Create your lesson

Use CrossBraining's built-in lesson creator to share your learning content with trainees in mere minutes.

2. Trainees record videos

CrossBraining guides trainees through creating videos of them performing the skills that you've taught them, so you don't have to do any handholding.

These videos give you a complete and authentic picture of a trainee's skills.

3. Trainees record voiceovers

Trainees then write and record voiceover narrations. This is proven to improve skill retention and deeper understanding.

It also lets you hear, in their own words, whether or not they truly understand the content.

4. Trainers provide feedback

Our system automatically stitches everything together so that no one has to spend time editing videos.

Each video is short. This makes personalized feedback quick and easy.

Remote? No Problem

Use CrossBraining to transform distance learning. Check out this video of a student practicing first aid on a sibling. We have experts on hand to help you implement distance learning.

See how companies are using CrossBraining

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Why short videos?

We've found that short videos provide several benefits!

  • Short videos save time.
  • By keeping videos short, students stay focused on the learning objectives - they leave out extraneous information.
  • Shorter videos require students to think about what they are going to record. This metacognitive process actually improves learning.
What are the tech requirements?

CrossBraining requires a camera and any device with an internet connection. Most of our customers just use their cell phones.

CrossBraining has no storage requirements, specialized hardware, or maintenance fees.

Can I use my own lessons and material?

Yes. In fact, we don't provide any lesson content. You are the subject-matter expert. We simply give you a great tool to deliver your content.

How much does CrossBraining cost?

Your business is unique. That's why we develop best-fit solutions for all of our clients. We'll work with you on what works best for you and your needs.

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Want to learn more?

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