Turn your training into a competitive advantage

Video-based training that improves employee competence, reduces costs, and improves quality.


Lower your costs

Reduce travel and staffing expenses by leveraging your best trainers and training anytime, anywhere.


Proof of Skills

Get unmistakable video proof of skill and learning as if you were standing over every employee's shoulder.


Anytime, Anywhere

Train anytime, anywhere. No more travel or training during busy hours.

How It Works



Assign the lesson to your trainees


CrossBraining guides them step-by-step to create narrated videos

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Trainers give individualized feedback on each trainee's video

Remote? No Problem

Use CrossBraining to transform distance learning. Check out this video of a student practicing first aid on a sibling. We have experts on hand to help you implement distance learning.

See how companies are using CrossBraining

CNC Machining




What are the tech requirements?

CrossBraining requires a camera and any device with an internet connection. Most of our customers just use their cell phones.

CrossBraining has no storage requirements, specialized hardware, or maintenance fees.

Can I use my own lessons and material?

Yes. You are the subject-matter expert. We simply give you a great tool to deliver your content.

How much does CrossBraining cost?

Every business has unique training needs. That's why we develop best-fit solutions for all of our clients. We'll work with you on what works best for you and your needs.

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Want to learn more?

We'd love to show you have CrossBraining can revolutionize your training.