• Students narrate their learning, leading to deeper understanding
  • Easily monitor status in realtime
  • Curriculum and standard-agnostic
  • Multi-modal repetition increases skill retention
  • Reflection questions help students internalize learning
  • Works on any device with a camera and internet connection
  • Simple video editing keeps students focused on learning
  • Easily download and share videos

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Why CrossBraining

CrossBraining transforms formative assessment and hands-on learning. With our pedagogy-driven platform, students create short videos of the skills that you taught them. We've intentionally built CrossBraining to not only make assessment faster and more comprehensive, but also to improve learning.

How it works

CrossBraining has students create short (less than one minute) videos of themselves performing the skills you've taught them. This entire process is guided by pedagogical research.

Through these videos, educators are able to quickly and fully assess a student's skills. Plus, making the videos becomes part of the learning process.

Plus, CrossBraining includes classroom management tools like grouping, status monitoring, and feedback.

See things others miss

CrossBraining's assessments give you a complete picture of a student's skills. For example, the student in this video has her thumb on the stethoscope, which is incorrect. What other assessment could tell you that?


Yes, you can do hands-on learning remotely

CrossBraining was built for in-person learning, but we made sure that it can work remotely, too. For example, by removing the background audio from videos and letting the student record their narration separately, we make sure that barking dogs or noisy siblings don't interrupt a learning session.

We've also included real-time status dashboards so that educators can instantly check the progress of their students and give them feedback as they complete their videos.

One CrossBraining partner even ships lesson materials to students' homes so that they can record their videos using actual equipment. That's innovation.