CrossBraining For Higher Ed

Authentic assessments. True engagement. Higher satisfaction.


Revolutionary assessments

Make your assessments authentic, faster than a bubble sheet, and part of the learning process.


More engagement (even remotely)

Improve student engagement by giving them the power to own their learning.


21st century skills

Confidence, grit, teamwork, communication. Our partners tell us that CrossBraining makes students better learners.


CrossBraining is eligible for CARES Act funding. Our team of experts can help - just let us know.

Remote? No Problem.

Our partners are using CrossBraining to transform distance learning. Check out this video of a student practicing first aid on a sibling.

Learn more about how to transform remote learning with CrossBraining.

How It Works

Save time, improve student engagement, and drive deeper learning.

1. Create your lesson

Use CrossBraining's built-in lesson creator to share all of your lesson content with students.

Each lesson is broken into scaffolded steps so that students know exactly what is expected of them.

2. Students record step videos

CrossBraining guides students through capturing videos of them performing the skills that you've taught them, so you don't have to do any handholding.

Plus, videos give you a complete and authentic picture of a student's skills while allowing students to engage with learning in their own way.

3. Students self-assess

No one wants to make a mistake on camera, so CrossBraining lets students practice as many times as they want. This means that students will spot and correct their own mistakes, which improves skill retention and deeper learning

4. Students record voiceovers

Students then write and record voiceover narrations. This is multi-modal repetition (writing, reading, speaking, hearing) and is proven to improve skill retention. 

Plus, students are using their own words to describe their learning, giving you another tool to improve equity.

All the features you need

  • Status Monitoring
  • Streamlined Lesson Creator
  • Segmented Videos
  • Cloud Video Storage
  • Screen Recording
  • Simple Voiceovers
  • Automatic Video Editing
  • Reflection Questions
  • Simple Video Sharing

Case Study

Dr. Kristin Spencer used CrossBraining in her Allied Health program to transform remote hands-on learning. See how she improved student confidence, engagement, and skill retention.