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Hands-on learning and assessment

With CrossBraining, students create short videos of them performing the skills you teach. But they aren't just creating videos. Our videos have an intentional focus on pedagogy. With our platform, you will find that:

You save time on assessments - videos are under 60 seconds.

Students own their learning - our focus on pedagogy drives deeper understanding.

Labs run smoother - monitor progress at-a-glance with our dashboard.

Feedback is faster and easier - you have a video of the student at your disposal.

Assessments become part of the learning process - students learn while making their videos.

Students build a skills portfolio that they can show to employers.

See any mistakes?

Go beyond traditional assessment

There are multiple choice tests, and then there is CrossBraining. With CrossBraining, assessment is fast and comprehensive, allowing you to make a thorough diagnosis of a student's skills.

Faster Labs

Groups, feedback, and more

Hear how Kristen uses CrossBraining to save time in labs, do remote learning, and improve her students' confidence.

  • Easily assign and monitor groups
  • Give real-time feedback
  • More time teaching, less time managing

Built for Learning

CrossBraining believes that your tools should be built with learning in mind. That's why we built pedagogy into the platform:

  • Lessons can be segmented and scaffolded.
    • Research shows this improves skill transference. For example, LPN skills translate into skills for RN's.
    • Separating each skill also lets students re-record one segment as opposed to having to do the entire lesson all over again.
  • Students narrate their videos separately from the video recording.
    • This lets them focus on one thing instead of trying to multitask.
    • It also prevents the sound of a noisy lab from drowning out the student.
  • Reflection questions let students spend time internalizing their learning. Reflection has been shown to increase skill retention and deeper learning.
  • Short videos (less than a minute) force students to think about how they are going to prove their learning. This is metacognition and has been shown to improve learning.
    • Short videos also mean you spend less time assessing students.

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