A bit of history

Distance learning has become a hot topic. Even before recent events, CrossBraining understood that remote options would transform the world’s educational system.

Founder Josh Nichols had over the years hosted numerous visitors to his classroom who wanted to witness his unique hands-on approach to integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) into class projects. Even the Governor stopped in to see what made his classes such a success, as did district administrators and other educators from across the state. Everyone was excited about Josh’s students’ higher test scores, and keen to give his methodology a try. At the same time, Josh knew that in practice it wouldn’t be easy to replicate such a multifaceted and multi-tooled approach on a wider scale. If he could harness technology, however, he could find a way. Thus began his mission.

After years of continuous research, development, testing, and iteration, the CrossBraining platform now has a multitude of success stories at its back. Our company has also grown; once comprised solely of Josh Nichols and his wife, it has become a vibrant team of individuals who share Josh's tireless passion to transform education.

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