Hands-On Learning and Assessment

We all know multiple choice tests can't assess a student's ability to perform a hands-on skill. That's where CrossBraining comes in. Our video-based learning and assessment platform shows you everything you need to know about a student's skills.

This is CrossBraining

Built for Learning

Founded by veteran educators, our mission is to transform education by letting students learn in their own unique way.

Through CrossBraining, students take ownership of their learning by showing their learning through their own eyes and in their own words.

Your #EdTech should put learning first. Our platform has pedagogy built-in, meaning that every step of the process is designed to drive deeper understanding, improve skill retention, and build 21st-century skills.

Built for Educators

  • Easily create a new lesson, complete with steps and engagement questions
  • Quickly and completely assess skills with a 45-second video.
  • Seamlessly manage assignments from start to finish
  • Instantly monitor student progress in realtime
  • Help students create portfolios that they can show to employers
  • Foster soft skill development and technical mastery in fast-paced, complex industries

Tailored for Students

  • Gain deep, authentic understanding of skills and content
  • Prove your learning in your own way
  • Build confidence and mastery through recording your work until satisfied with the results

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