What I Learned At FETC

I had the privilege to be at FETC in Florida last week to release the CrossBraining App. I made sure to sneak away from the vendor booth to watch one of the best education speakers on planet Earth.

Sir Ken Robinson hit another grand slam. Educators love him for his humor and hard hitting truths about the education system around the world. I took away two very positive messages. One was that educators need to glean how successful historical social movements really work and how they change the way we think. He started by walking the audience through history pointing out various movements that made significant changes in how we think and act today. He then began talking about the recent #metoo movement. He explained that this movement certainly did not come from the movie producers but was a grassroots movement that started with the actresses who were sexually harassed, demeaned and assaulted. He made it clear that the #metoo movement was certainly not spearheaded by the government and explained that these incredible game changing movements come from the ground up.

He is a gifted storyteller so every educator was at the edge of their seats, and then he called the 5,000 + educators to ban together and start a movement that will change education. He explained that the government will not change education, it will be the teachers. I have believed this for a very long time. Technology is allowing us to stand at different corners of our country and ban together socially through networks, social media. We collectively can change education system. I started CrossBraining to do exactly this. I thought that if I could create an app that could have students make 45-second videos of the entire learning process, parents could have a window into the classroom but I also thought, if those 45-second student narrated videos were shared with other teachers and thousands of teachers shared just ONE great lesson that could be tagged, reviewed and rated like a youtube video, then collectively we would have access to thousands of great lessons and transform education now!
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