Technology in the Classroom

Teachers are going back to school and many are going back to a classroom where every student has a computer.  This is an exciting time to be in the classroom because no longer is technology just a class, it is the overarching tool that allows students to be the best they can be.  First, I will list the three new technologies that are all coming together to provide an awesome infrastructure for sharing knowledge and then I will go into depth on one of the tools in video, that fits perfectly in the classroom.

  1. Chromebooks

Yes, this isn’t new; but what is new is almost every school in the U.S. has a plan to eventually go one- to- one, meaning, every student has a computer.  My analogy is that every kid has the vehicle to travel and get places.  

  1. Internet Access

Schools have had internet access for a long time.  Going back to my analogy of transportation, most schools had at least a dirt road for internet travel, some were fortunate to have a two lane highway but now most schools are aiming to provide a 10 lane highway so that there are no traffic jams.  This allows the Chromebook to be a very powerful tool because it can access information quickly, students have unlimited storage and can access that storage anywhere in or out of the school and every student can download and upload information without there being a traffic jam.

  1. Video

Video?  Really?  The infrastructure is in place and software companies are making new tools for students that give them a place to display it.  Everyone who has a smartphone in the U.S is watching short videos and some are watching a lot of them everyday.  Here is what allows video to be a game changer:

  1. Google gives students unlimited storage space.
  2. Schools are using digital portfolios companies like SeeSaw.
  3. Free editing software from the Quik and the Splice App   and WeVideo.  
  4. Smartphone cameras with amazing quality.
  5. Small, indestructible cameras like the GoPro Session for every environment.


GoPro Session, The Perfect Camera for the Classroom

The infrastructure is in place.  Every student has an editing studio at their desk, with unlimited storage space and their school wants them to capture events and documents to put into their digital portfolio.  Can they use a smartphone? Absolutely, just make sure they are using their own. You will probably run into many situations where the smartphone is not the best camera of choice.  What if it is dropped over and over? (It will, they’re kids!)  Well, that is where the GoPro Session comes into play.  It is small and insanely durable.  Here is table that explains when to use your smartphone and when to use a GoPro Session.

Image removed.

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As you can see, the GoPro can be used to capture just about everything and its durability lends itself well to those engaging lessons that seem more like play than school.  It is small; less than 1 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches allowing it to sit on a HotWheels car, and light enough to shoot 200 ft up with a student made 2-liter bottle rocket, waterproof to 30ft and lastly, the Session’s 1080 resolution is fantastic.  Now students can capture everything that goes on at school.  Once it is captured and edited, it will be uploaded to their digital portfolio and shared with their parents that day to spark meaningful conversations.