Our Story

CrossBraining was launched at the 2016 International Society of Technology Education (www.iste.org) in Denver, alongside GoPro. CrossBraining® is a blended STEM/PBL learning and teaching platform that leverages the power of digital storytelling (video).

Parents will always ask their children, “What did you do today at school?”; and everyone knows the answer: “Nothing.” Well, we know there are awesome things happening in the classroom but schools haven’t unlocked how to communicate this process. Our method has students creating and narrating 45-second videos about what they are learning, including using the key terms from National or State Standards. Students then share these videos with teachers, parents, and administrators, using the social media where all interested parties can view, analyze, reflect and have conversations about the content. Most importantly, we also have testing data that validates our method. In fact, our testing data is significantly higher than the state average. Now parents can watch engaging lessons (live streamed) that their student not only participated in, but created.

They can watch the video while they take a bite out of their sandwich and when they get home they can say, “Tell me about that paper football assignment you did using geometry and wiring.” Beautiful.

Our Team

Josh Nichols-Founder

Josh is a STEM teacher at Stockbridge Community Schools.

Josh has taught for 20 years and approaches each lesson using Project Based Learning. Josh speaks at numerous events across the country about how to transform education using student made videos that show learning..

Josh has received many education awards including the Michigan Lottery Teacher Excellence Award, Michigan Teacher of the Year nominee; and he currently sits on the MiSTEM Advisory Board for the State of Michigan.

Some of his teaching and school activities include:

  • Taking part in expeditions to Palau in the South Pacific with high school students and their teacher who partnered with the Bent Prop organization to locate MIA’s from WWII using underwater robots.
  • Teaching 4th graders how to build robots to release salmon.
  • Teaching elementary students how to use 3D printing to find solutions to engineering challenges.
  • Searching for sunken ships with students in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. (Josh is planning a trip this summer with high school students and their teacher to look for missing Tuskegee airman in Lake St. Clair.)

Angie Nichols-Founder

Angie is a 4th Grade teacher at Heritage School in Stockbridge, Mi. She has taught for twenty years and nine of those years were in the music classroom.

  • Angie developed her own music program from the ground up. Her hands-on approach to music included projects that hand students upcycling pianos, building various instruments, and directing school wide talent shows. In addition, she oversaw the Arts, Beats and Eats Show that incorporated a school wide art, music and food evening for students and parents.
  • She orchestrates the elementary Living History Museum and takes her students each year to northern Michigan to spend a day on a three masted schooner to study the Great Lakes ecosystem.
  • Angie’s background in project based learning has been instrumental in helping CrossBraining create its student management system, lessons and templates.
  • In addition to being a full time teacher, Angie also owns her own business, Artistically Vintage, featuring one of a kind vintage chairs and furniture (wartisticallyvintage.com).

In The News

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